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Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt

Natalie Babbitt’s classic fantasy novel, Tuck Everlasting, follows the adventures of ten-year-old Winnie Foster who is eager to leave her home in Treegap in search of adventure. The novel explores the idea of making a difference. Students will have the opportunity to explore the choices Winnie makes and the value of life inside of expertly crafted scenes. By using extensive imagery and figurative language the author invites readers to engage with similes, metaphors, and personification to construct meaning and developing an appreciation of figurative language.

Teach with Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt

This Book Club Super Pack includes a Common Core aligned lesson plan and set of resources designed to support small group reading instruction.

  • Interactive Lesson Plan for 6 Book Club Meetings Focusing on Figurative Language
  • Chapter by Chapter Discussion Guide
  • Chapter by Chapter Vocabulary Guide
  • Book Club Calendar
  • Conversation Prompts
  • Expectations for Book Club Anchor Chart / Student Reference Sheet
  • Student Self-Evaluation Forms
  • Running Record Assessment Tool
  • Student Reading Response Guide
  • Comprehension Assessment Rubric
  • Common Core State Standard Assessment
CCSS Alignment
TEKS Alignment
  • CCSS Alignment: L.6.4a L.6.5 L.6.6 RL.6.1 RL.6.10 RL.6.2 RL.6.3 RL.6.4 RL.6.5 RL.6.6 RL.6.7 RL.6.9 SL.6.1a SL.6.1b SL.6.1c SL.6.1d SL.6.2 SL.6.3 W.6.8 W.6.9
  • Vocabulary: L.6.4a L.6.5 L.6.6
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    Tuck Everlasting Resource Set

    Instructional Overview

    The instructional overview includes instructional background for figurative language, instructional objectives for each of the Book Club meetings, and a list of the materials and preparation necessary to the Tuck Everlasting Book Club.

    Book Club Management Resources

    The management resources include a Book Club Calendar, conversation prompts, Student Self-Evaluation forms, Reading Response Board (with optional Common Core alignment), and an Expectations for Book Club anchor chart.

    Meeting #1: Introduce Imagery

    Author Natalie Babbitt uses figurative language to tell the story of Tuck Everlasting. This Book Club begins with an introduction to the power the author's words have in creating strong mental images for the reader.

    Meeting #2: Metaphor

    This Tuck Everlasting Book Club meeting focuses on identifying the metaphors that author Natalie Babbitt uses to tell the story. Students will examine how metaphors help them visualize the story elements.

    Meeting #3: Simile

    In Tuck Everlasting, author Natalie Babbitt creates a magical feeling through the use of similes. Student discussion will include how the use of similes helps them to better understand the text.

    Meeting #4: Personification

    The use of personification helps the reader to create vivid mental images which leads to a more complete understanding of the story. Natalie Babbitt creates a fairytale-like setting for the reader to visualize in Tuck Everlasting.

    Meeting #5: Connotation

    Author Natalie Babbitt's careful choice of words in Tuck Everlasting provides the reader with both positive and negative connotations. Exploring the additional meaning that goes with the author's choice of words is the focus of this Book Club meeting.

    Meeting #6: Examine How the Author Helps Us Understand the Story by Using Figurative Language

    This final Tuck Everlasting Book Club meeting allows the students to reflect on how author Natalie Babbitt's use of figurative language enhances the reader's understanding of the text.

    Tuck Everlasting Focus Assessment and Rubric

    Use this six-question assessment to determine whether or not students understand the key concepts associated with figurative language.

    Tuck Everlasting Common Core Assessment

    This 9 question Common Core aligned assessment can be used to determine students' overall comprehension of Tuck Everlasting and their mastery of the Common Core State Standards.

    Tuck Everlasting Extension Activity

    The BookPagez extension activities are a great way to push student engagement beyond the pages of the text. Try using this activity with early finishers, with students who show a deeper connection with the text, or as a center activity.

    Tuck Everlasting Running Record

    Use this "done for you" Running Record to assess oral reading fluency of Tuck Everlasting. Track meaning, structure, and visual accuracy using the first 100 words of the text to determine whether or not this book is a good fit for the readers in your classroom.

    Student Resources in Spanish

    This set of Spanish student facing resources includes Book Club Management Resources for use with Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbit. These resources are intended to be used with the lesson plans included in the Resource Set for this book.

    Tuck Everlasting Vocabulary Connections

    Before your students can fully comprehend and enjoy Tuck Everlasting, it’s helpful to introduce words that might be new to readers. Either download the Tuck Everlasting Super Pack or this individual Vocabulary Builder for resources and activities that support Tier 2 and Tier 3 vocabulary growth through fun and productive interactions with new words.
    Common Core Alignment:

    L.6.4a L.6.5 L.6.6

    Tuck Everlasting Common Core Alignment

    List of the Common Core State Standards addressed by Tuck Everlasting Book Club Resource Set.

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