We always have been and always will be BIG fans of teaching with children's literature

BookPagez was founded in 2010 as Reading Comprehension Lessons. Since the beginning, our goal has remained the same - to provide educators with lesson plans and teaching resources specifically designed to help readers develop critical thinking skills. BookPagez is a robust solution for any educator looking to anchor their instruction to the very best children’s books. With ready-made instructional resources that easily pair with the best children’s literature.

We believe that children’s books have the power to provide children with a common story about the world and the people in it – a story that inspires, educates, and unites us all.

In the beginning

We started with a simple vision: To create easy-to-follow resources for any teacher looking to teach key reading skills and strategies with the best picture books. We focused on the ten most important comprehension strategies readers need to master in order to comprehend and respond to not only text, but information in general - Google search results, news articles, and everything else they may read, watch or listen to.

The next chapter

Next, in 2015, we rebranded as BookPagez and expanded our library to include resources for chapter books. Our chapter book lesson plans and teaching resources follow a Book Club format. That’s because we think it’s important for children to learn how to discuss their thoughts about text with their peers.

The Book Club resources encourage meaningful conversation about the books while focusing on a specific comprehension skill. As a result, we hope readers will learn to communicate in a productive way while further developing their critical thinking skills.

Meeting Teachers Needs, No Matter What

Our most recent addition has been Digital Classroom.

We developed Digital Classroom in response to the pandemic. Seemingly overnight, our members transitioned from teaching in their classrooms to teaching via Zoom, Google Classroom, and Seesaw. We knew how important it was to help our members bridge the gap between their classroom and the endless sea of online resources.

And so, we developed a digital version of all our comprehension strategy resources along with self-grading assessments, and a dashboard where teachers can assign resources and track student progress. We did this because we are committed to helping teachers deliver meaningful literacy instruction no matter the circumstance. We believe every child has the right to learn to read, comprehend, and enjoy the very best books no matter what’s happening in the world around them.

Our Promise for Today and Tomorrow

It is our privilege to provide resources to teachers, tutors, and parents who are passionate about using children’s literature as a springboard for literacy instruction. We promise to meet the challenges of today’s educational climate in order to provide you with the resources you need to make a difference for the readers in your lives.

All of our resources have been developed and written by teachers with classroom experience. That’s because we believe that the only way to truly understand the needs of teachers and their students comes with the experience of having been in the trenches - day in, day out, year after year, knowing the journey children of all types take on their path to success.

So now, we invite you to delve into our vast library of resources. There you will find lesson plans and activities designed to enrich your literacy instruction - everything from comprehension strategy lesson plans, to classroom posters, assessments, and more. Our easy-to-implement resources ensure every reader has the opportunity to authentically engage with text in order to develop the key reading skills and strategies necessary to comprehend and enjoy anything they wish to read.