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The Summer My Father Was Ten Super Pack

Every year, a young girl and her father plant a garden, and every year, the father tells his daughter the same story about his childhood neighbor’s garden. The summer the father turned 10, he and his friends got caught up in a moment of poor judgement and destroyed the neighbor’s vegetables. This wonderful story is full of important lessons about cause and effect, responsibility and how to make amends. It is also an excellent resource for working with advanced readers on visualizing, making inferences and synthesizing.

Get everything you need to deliver meaningful reading instruction using The Summer My Father Was Ten by Pat Brisson

  • Comprehension Strategy Lesson Plans
  • Page by Page Guided Think Sheets
  • Text Based Reader’s Notebook Prompts
  • Interactive Vocabulary Games and Activities
  • Running Record Assessment
  • Extension Activities for Early Finishers
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  • Complete Common Core Alignment
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Comprehension Strategy Resources

All comprehension strategy packs come complete with a step by step strategy lesson plan, guided page by page think sheet, answer key, text based reader's notebook prompt, and complete common core alignment

Identifying the Author’s Purpose with The Summer My Father Was Ten

This is an ideal text and lesson plan for advanced readers who need additional practice identifying the author’s purpose to enhance their comprehension of a text. In this book, the author reveals more than one message. The first message about integrity is tied to the theme of the book, while other messages can be recognized through character development, cause and effect, and problem and solution.

Making Inferences with The Summer My Father Was Ten

The story-within-a-story format of this book provides high-level readers with effective practice making inferences. Students will identify clues that help them make inferences about the emotional consequences that occur when the young boys destroy the neighbor’s garden. Students will also infer how the father and his daughter react to the coming-of-age story in the present day.

Synthesizing with The Summer My Father Was Ten

The Summer My Father Was Ten is a sophisticated text that can be used to challenge advanced readers. The story-within-a-story text structure introduces readers to multiple characters who represent past and present. There are also many different emotions and messages to pick up on. Students will need to demonstrate their ability to apply different comprehension strategies throughout this text in order to fully comprehend its meaning.

Visualizing with The Summer My Father Was Ten

In The Summer My Father Was Ten, a father teaches his young daughter a meaningful lesson from his childhood. The descriptive language used by the father in his story will support your students as they practice creating images of the action sequences in their minds.

The Summer My Father Was Ten Extension Activity

The BookPagez extension activities are a great way to push student engagement beyond the pages of the text. Try using this activity with early finishers, with students who show a deeper connection with the text, or as a center activity.

The Summer My Father Was Ten Running Record

Use this "done for you" Running Record to assess oral reading fluency of The Summer My Father Was Ten. Track meaning, structure, and visual accuracy using the first 100 words of the text to determine whether or not this book is a good fit for the readers in your classroom.

Vocabulary Connections

Each package includes a list of specific vocabulary words found within the book and a set of resources to help students build their vocabulary, practice using new words, and to become more aware of new vocabulary while working and reading independently.

The Summer My Father Was Ten Vocabulary Connections

Your students will enhance their enjoyment and understanding of The Summer My Father Was Ten if they’re prepared for new vocabulary introduced in this text. And this classroom-ready Vocabulary Builder has everything you need. Download the individual Vocabulary Builder or the Super Pack for fun, productive activities that support Tier 2 and Tier 3 vocabulary growth.

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