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The Paper Bag Princess Super Pack

A fairy tale with a twist: Early readers will have fun with this active story about Princess Elizabeth and her quest to save Prince Ronald from a nasty dragon. As students read, they’ll practice making connections, retelling and summarizing, visualizing, and identifying and comparing familiar text structures.

Get everything you need to deliver meaningful reading instruction using The Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munsch

  • Comprehension Strategy Lesson Plans
  • Page by Page Guided Think Sheets
  • Text Based Reader’s Notebook Prompts
  • Word Work Lesson Plan and Activities for Bossy E (CVCe)
  • Interactive Vocabulary Games and Activities
  • Running Record Assessment
  • Extension Activities for Early Finishers
  • Answer Keys
  • Complete Common Core Alignment
  • and More!

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Comprehension Strategy Resources

All comprehension strategy packs come complete with a step by step strategy lesson plan, guided page by page think sheet, answer key, text based reader's notebook prompt, and complete common core alignment

Making Connections with The Paper Bag Princess

The Paper Bag Princess is a smart choice for early readers who are still learning to make connections, especially text-to-text connections. Because this is an updated fairy tale, readers will be able to draw connections between this book and familiar fairy tale stories.

Retelling and Summarizing with The Paper Bag Princess

The action in this story makes it an excellent resource for supporting readers who are working to identify and retell events to improve reading comprehension. There are only three characters in this story, it follows a conventional sequence, and the conflict and resolution are clear to new readers.

Understanding Text Structure with The Paper Bag Princess

The Paper Bag Princess is based on a classic fairy tale text structure, but offers readers a surprise ending. Therefore, in addition to working through description and cause/effect text structures, readers will also practice comparing and contrasting this updated fairy tale with more familiar fairy tales to further define their understanding of the genre.

Visualizing with The Paper Bag Princess

With high action and engaging descriptive language, this book pairs perfectly with a lesson on visualizing. The illustrations in this book are also based closely on the text, so readers can compare their own mental images to the illustrations to learn how to self-monitor their use of this strategy.

The Paper Bag Princess Extension Activity

The BookPagez extension activities are a great way to push student engagement beyond the pages of the text. Try using this activity with early finishers, with students who show a deeper connection with the text, or as a center activity.

The Paper Bag Princess Running Record

Use this "done for you" Running Record to assess oral reading fluency of The Paper Bag Princess. Track meaning, structure, and visual accuracy using the first 100 words of the text to determine whether or not this book is a good fit for the readers in your classroom.

Word Work

A step by step lesson plan, interactive activity, and set of resources to help students learn about words in the context of their reading. Each package helps readers practice naming, noticing, and using specific words parts and patterns.

The Paper Bag Princess Word Work - Bossy E (CVCe)

If you use The Paper Bag Princess as an anchor text for reading comprehension, you can take advantage of your students’ framework and directly tie in word study as well. This book is a good resource for teaching a phonics lesson about the bossy E (CVCe). You can find these lesson plans, interactive games and fun worksheets in your Super Pack, or download the individual Word Work package now.

Vocabulary Connections

Each package includes a list of specific vocabulary words found within the book and a set of resources to help students build their vocabulary, practice using new words, and to become more aware of new vocabulary while working and reading independently.

The Paper Bag Princess Vocabulary Connections

Your students will enhance their enjoyment and understanding of The Paper Bag Princess if they’re prepared for new vocabulary introduced in this text. And this classroom-ready Vocabulary Builder has everything you need. Download the individual Vocabulary Builder or the Super Pack for fun, productive activities that support Tier 2 and Tier 3 vocabulary growth.

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