Lesson Plans and Teaching Resources for I’m a Caterpillar

Use I’m a Caterpillar by Jean Marzollo to strengthen your students' comprehension skills, build their vocabulary, and help them understand how words work.

Introduce young readers to nonfiction with this informational text about the life cycle of a caterpillar. Pair this book's colorful illustrations and approachable text with these complete mini lessons to have students asking questions, identifying the author's purpose, making inferences and predictions, and synthesizing with ease.

Explore lesson plans and activities to help you teach with I’m a Caterpillar in the drop down below.

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About the Book

The cover for the book I'm a Caterpillar
Title: I’m a Caterpillar
Author: Jean Marzollo
Genre: Informational, Nonfiction
Themes: Animals & Insects, Spring
ISBN: 9780613137058
Publisher's Summary:
Follows a caterpillar as it changes into a butterfly, from its pupa stage through its transformation into a chrysalis, to its metamorphosis into a butterfly newly emerged from a sticky cocoon. Provides a simple explanation of what happens as a caterpillar changes into a butterfly--from the caterpillar's point-of-view.
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