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  • Main Pack: L.5.6 RF.5.3 RF.5.4 RL.5.1 RL.5.10 RL.5.2 RL.5.3 RL.5.4 RL.5.5 RL.5.6 RL.5.7 RL.5.9 SL.5.1a SL.5.1b SL.5.1c SL.5.1d SL.5.2 SL.5.3 W.5.8 W.5.9
  • Vocabulary: L.5.4a L.5.5 L.5.6
  • Holes Super Pack

    Winner of the Newberry Medal and National Book Award, Louis Sachar’s story about a boy with a family curse, and a camp with ulterior motives is a modern-day classic. Holes tells the story of Stanley Yelnats, a cursed boy who has been unjustly sent to a boys’ detention center at Camp Green Lake. Once there, Stanley discovers there is no camp and no lake. Instead, there are holes, lots and lots of holes. Stanley endures long days digging five-foot holes under the hot Texas sun with other boys. Soon he figures out that the boys aren’t just digging holes to build character; they are digging holes because the warden is looking for something, and that something might be the key to Stanley’s family curse. Help readers understand how to determine theme with the Book Club lesson plans and resources focusing on finding evidence to support student-identified themes in the story.

    This resource set includes everything you need to deliver meaningful reading instruction

    • Interactive Lesson Plan for 5 Book Club Meetings Focusing on Determining Theme
    • Chapter by Chapter Discussion Guide
    • Chapter by Chapter Vocabulary Guide
    • Book Club Calendar
    • Conversation Prompts
    • Expectations for Book Club Anchor Chart / Student Reference Sheet
    • Student Self-Evaluation Forms
    • Running Record Assessment Tool
    • Student Reading Response Guide
    • Comprehension Assessment Rubric
    • Common Core State Standard Assessment

    Vocabulary Connections

    Each package includes a list of specific vocabulary words found within the book and a set of resources to help students build their vocabulary, practice using new words, and to become more aware of new vocabulary while working and reading independently.

    Holes Vocabulary Connections

    Before your students can fully comprehend and enjoy Holes, it’s helpful to introduce words that might be new to readers. Either download the Holes Super Pack or this individual Vocabulary Builder for resources and activities that support Tier 2 and Tier 3 vocabulary growth through fun and productive interactions with new words.
    L.5.4a L.5.5 L.5.6

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