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  • Main Pack: L.4.6 RF.4.3 RF.4.4 RL.4.1 RL.4.10 RL.4.2 RL.4.3 RL.4.4 RL.4.5 RL.4.6 RL.4.7 RL.4.9 SL.4.1a SL.4.1b SL.4.1c SL.4.1d SL.4.2 SL.4.3 W.4.8 W.4.9
  • Vocabulary: L.4.4a L.4.5c L.4.6
  • Charlotte’s Web Super Pack

    EB White’s well-loved classic, Charlotte’s Web, is a story that will never go out of style. With themes of friendship, love, loss, and bravery, readers will find it easy to connect with the text. What may not be so easy, is keeping track of it’s long and varied cast of characters. That’s why this chapter book is the perfect springboard for mini-lessons focused tracking characters, character relationships, and the ways in which characters are developed across longer text.

    This Book Club Super Pack includes a Common Core aligned lesson plan and set of resources designed to support small group reading instruction.

    This resource set includes everything you need to deliver meaningful reading instruction

    • Interactive Lesson Plan for 7 Book Club Meetings Focusing on Tracking Characters
    • Chapter by Chapter Discussion Guide
    • Chapter by Chapter Vocabulary Guide
    • Book Club Calendar
    • Conversation Prompts
    • Expectations for Book Club Anchor Chart / Student Reference Sheet
    • Student Self-Evaluation Forms
    • Running Record Assessment Tool
    • Student Reading Response Guide
    • Comprehension Assessment Rubric
    • Common Core State Standard Assessment

    Vocabulary Connections

    Each package includes a list of specific vocabulary words found within the book and a set of resources to help students build their vocabulary, practice using new words, and to become more aware of new vocabulary while working and reading independently.

    Charlotte's Web Vocabulary Connections

    Your students will enhance their enjoyment and understanding of Charlotte's Web if they’re prepared for new vocabulary introduced in this text. And this classroom-ready Vocabulary Builder has everything you need. Download the individual Vocabulary Builder or the Super Pack for fun, productive activities that support Tier 2 and Tier 3 vocabulary growth.
    L.4.4a L.4.5c L.4.6

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