Frequently Asked Questions

BookPagez is home to a large library of instructional resources for use with children's books.

All of our instructional resources are available as a PDF download and are aligned to Kindergarten - Sixth grade English Language Arts Standards (CCSS and TEKS), making us a great choice for elementary school readers.

In addition to our PDF resources, we have interactive digital activities to support comprehension strategy work with more than 200 popular and award-winning picture books.

By using popular and award-winning children's literature as a springboard for literacy instruction, we make it easy for children to practice key literacy skills while engaging with the best books.

The BookPagez resources are available through a subscription to the website.
Upon subscribing to BookPagez you can download resources, save and organize resources into your file cabinet, and begin using Digital Classroom.
All of the resources are available as PDF downloads. Plus we have interactive digital resources for comprehension strategy work.

As a subscriber you can access our entire library of printable and digital resources and supplemental content. You can download and print the instructional resources, assign digital resources when available, watch tutorials, and read the blog.
Your subscription includes resources for the following:
  • Comprehension Strategies
  • Vocabulary
  • Word Work
  • Writing about Reading
  • Assessments (comprehension and oral reading fluency)
  • Book Clubs
  • Extension activities
  • Teacher Tools (posters, task cards, genre notebooks, etc.)
A subscription is valid for use by one classroom.
Please note that your subscription does not provide access to the books.

Our resources don't follow a prescriptive curriculum. They are meant to be flexible so you can use them to differentiate your instruction based on your instructional goals.
You can use the resources for whole group, small group, and one-on-one instruction.
There are two ways to find the right resources for your instructional needs:
  1. Use the Resource Wizard to identify the books you want to teach with. We'll provide you with a list of mini lessons and activities available for the books you choose.
  2. Use the filters in our Resource Library to filter the resources according to comprehension skill, strategy, guided reading level, grade level, genre, CCSS, etc. We'll provide you with a list of books you can use and paired resources matched to your instructional goals.

The BookPagez resources pair with books that are widely available.
We recommend that you take an inventory of the books in your school and classroom libraries because, chance are, many of the titles are already on your shelves.
You can visit your local book store, used book store, and your library.
You can also find all of the books available for purchase through Amazon, Barnes and Nobel, and through other large retailers.
Many of the titles in our resource library are also available on or through

Yes, you can use BookPagez even if you don’t know your students' reading levels.
The importance of knowing a child’s reading level is based on your goals for instruction.
At BookPagez, we recommend you follow a gradual release of responsibility approach, also known as the “To, With, and By Framework for Learning”. That means you will spend some time teaching new skills to your students, working on developing skills with your students, and giving your students space to practice skills by themselves.
You should use a book slightly above a student's reading level when you’re teaching new concepts or working on skills with your students.
You should use a book at or slightly below a student's reading level when a student is working independently.
In the end, it’s most important for your students to discover new books, comprehend what they read, and enjoy reading. So try not to focus too heavily on a child’s reading level. Instead, enjoy the time you spend reading with your students and feel confident that the work you do with the BookPagez resources will help your students develop the skills they need to be a successful readers.

You can use the Reading Level Assessments Guide located in the Teacher Tools section of our resource library to assess your students' oral reading fluency and comprehension skills.
Please remember that reading level assessments are not always black and white.  
Your students' comprehension will fluctuate based on his or her prior knowledge of the text, and the oral reading fluency will be affected by knowledge of specific vocabulary in a text.  All assessments are intended to inform instruction and book selection.  
So don't worry is some of your students seem to fall between two levels.  The levels are not drastically different and are only meant to function as a way to track reading growth and progress.

The instructional resources available on BookPagez are research based and follow work published by Teachers College Reading and Writing Project at Columbia University and the work published by Irene Fountas and Gay Su Pinnell.
For further reading on the research used to inform the BookPagez resources please refer to the following books:
  • Guided Reading, Fountas and Pinnell
  • Teaching for Deep Comprehension, Linda Dorn
  • Reading with Meaning, Debbie Miller
  • Teaching for Comprehension and Fluency, Fountas and Pinnell
  • The Next Steps in Guided Reading, Jan Richardson

The BookPagez digital classroom makes it easy for students to engage with their favorite books, practice comprehension strategies, learn important vocabulary words, and practice writing. Plus, the new digital dashboard makes it easy for you to assign resources and track student progress.
Learn more about the digital resources here.