No Tricks, Just Treats: Halloween Read Aloud Mini Lessons that Work

October 31st is fast approaching, which can only mean one thing – your students have costumes and candy on the brain.

As the saying goes, if you can’t beat them, join them! Incorporating lesson plans that are based on Halloween-themed read alouds honors your students’ need to celebrate and your need to keep an eye on the academic prize. Luckily, BookPagez’s ready-to-use resources make it easy to turn your literacy block into a frightfully good time while staying focused on building reading comprehension.

A Week’s Worth of Read Aloud Resources for Halloween

Competing for your students’ attention when classroom chatter is focused on what everyone is going to be for Halloween is a challenge. That’s why you need Oscar. Oscar is a dog. He is a half-a-dog tall and one-and-a-half dogs long. He is also the star of the show in Dav Pilkey’s The Hallo-Wiener. Because of his unusual size, Oscar gets made fun of – a lot. So when Oscar’s mother makes him dress up as a hot dog in a bun for Halloween, Oscar’s problems go from bad to worse. Students will laugh out loud as they learn about text structures, use picture clues to make inferences, determine importance, and make predictions about events in this fun Halloween read aloud.

So arm yourself with a copy of the book and this set of The Hallo-Wiener read aloud resources because we’ve got a week’s worth of instruction brimming with Halloween fun.

Halloween Read Aloud Mini Lessons


With just the right amount of suspense, The Hallo-Wiener is an ideal read aloud to model making predictions. Gather your students and use the step-by-step mini lesson to focus on making predictions about story events and character behavior.


Depending on the needs of your students, you can read the book again and focus on another comprehension strategy, or you can use the Making Predictions Reader’s Notebook Prompt to practice writng about reading.


Do your students know the meaning of the words ghastly or ornery? How about hounded? Give your students’ vocabularies a boost by playing memory using the interactive sorting cards included in the resource set.


Test your students’ comprehsion and recall with a game of True or False Trick or Treat. The included game board and true or false game cards will keep even your most ghoulish little goblins engaged and focused on reading skills.


It turns out that Oscar has a lot of nicknames. His mother calls him “her little Vienna Sausage” and the cats in his neighborhood thinks he’s a “Frankfurter”. Use this play on words to finish the week with an interactive mini lesson focused on synonyms.

Download Your Week’s Worth of Halloween Mini Lessons and Activites for The Hallo-Wiener


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Scare Up Even More Fun with These Halloween Read Alouds and Resource Sets

Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson

Guided Reading Level: O

Genre: Fantasy

An unfortunate witch keeps losing her things as she flies around on her broom! Each time she returns to the ground to retrieve her lost item, she picks up another animal. Her broom is full, but suddenly there is a fire-breathing dragon that thinks the witch would make a tasty treat. Will her new friends be able to save her, or will the witch be served with a side of fries? Repetitive and rhyming, this Halloween read aloud is pure fun!

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The Pumpkin Book by Gail Gibbons

Guided Reading Level: M

Genre: Nonfiction

From seed to glowing jack-o-lantern, this nonfiction text shares the lifecycle and many interesting facts about pumpkins in an approachable way. Vocabulary words and scientific details are presented with detailed illustrations for easy comprehension. This picture book also provides information about the origination of the celebration that is now called Halloween.

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Pumpkin Jack by Will Hubbell

Guided Reading Level: N

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Tim is so excited to carve his first pumpkin all by himself! He name’s his masterpiece Jack and keeps him in his room well past Halloween. When Tim’s mother finally says that Jack must go, Tim takes him to the withering garden because he can’t bear to throw Jack in the trash. Much to Tim’s surprise, the following spring brings the arrival of small sprout where Jack had been. Share this enchanting story that beautifully blends the life cycle of a pumpkin with a lesson on friendship.

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Heckedy Peg by Audrey Wood

Guided Reading Level: L

Genre: Fantasy

A cunning witch convinces seven lovely children to let her into their home while their mother is at the market. The witch casts a spell that turns the children into various food items. When the mother discovers what has happened, she must correctly solve the witch’s riddle to save her children.

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Pumpkin Heads by Wendell Minor

Guided Reading Level: K

Genre: Nonfiction

October is a magical month when pumpkins turn into pumpkin heads. Scary or funny, big or small, these carved and glowing faces are found all around! This delightful read aloud has detailed illustrations that bring the simple text to life.

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Scarecrow by Cynthia Rylant

Guided Reading Level: R

Genre: Fantasy

A scarecrow’s body and clothes are made from borrowed items, but his peaceful life is all his own. Join the scarecrow as he watches over the garden through the changing seasons. The beautiful, serene illustrations and vivid imagery make this read aloud come to life.

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