Our Mission

Here at BookPagez we are BIG fans of children’s literature. We believe that the key to life long learning lies in a love of reading. When children have the opportunity to engage with stories that have been written especially for them something truly special happens. Books have the power to provide children with a common story about the world and the people in it – a story that inspires, educates, and unites us all.

Teachers play a special role in the lives of little readers. They are responsible for teaching students how to discover, comprehend, and engage with text. And although that might sound simple, it’s anything but. That’s why the BookPagez team is on a mission.

Our mission is to help teachers make popular and award winning children’s literature the centerpiece of literacy instruction

Our Team

Amy Mackenzie
Founder and Managing Editor

As a former elementary school teacher Amy has years of firsthand experience teaching children to read. She knows what it's like to have more things to teach than hours in the day. From reading to writing, word study to vocabulary, whole group, small group, planning and prep - Amy knows the list is long.

During her years in the classroom she developed curriculum, modeled instructional practices, and became an advocate for teaching with trade books.

Amy's passion for children's literature and literacy instruction inspired her to develop the BookPagez resources. Amy lives in Michigan with her husband and her son.

Matthew Mackenzie
Founder and Technology Specialist

Matt is a life long learner and avid reader. Although he has never taught in the classroom, he has experience supporting teachers and believes that they have one of the hardest and most important jobs. Matt strongly believes that the world needs smart kids, and teachers are the key.

In order to help our members and better serve teachers, Matt looks for ways to improve the website. He is dedicated to providing the BookPagez community with the best experience and support possible.